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About Us

We are an inter-generational congregation. Our Sunday morning worship services reflect the spiritual, philosophical, moral and intellectual aspects of our lives through music, poetry, lecture and discussion.

Our membership is friendly and eager to have visitors. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Answers to questions frequently asked by newcomers.

Board Officers of the UUF
President   Jackie Wilson
Vice President   Ron Telford
Treasurer   Leslie Potter
Secretary   Sam Kirsch
Trustee   Lynne Ricotta
Trustee   Marcia Allen
Programs   Jackie Wilson
Newsletter Chris Telford
The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Address: 48 Hibbard Rd., Ext. N
PO Box 103, Big Flats, NY  14814
Webmaster E-Mail: webmaster@bigflatsuu.org
Worship Service: Sunday - 10:30 to 11:30